My role model is Adam Gilchrist, the former wicket-keeping batsman of Australia.

Prashankhan Chandrapalan
3 min readMar 26, 2022


Many people who want to become entrepreneurs usually choose successful businessmen like Elon Musk, Bilgates, and Steve Jobs as their role models, but in my case, I chose Adam Gilchrist, an aggressive wicket-keeping batsman who is having an era in the entire cricket world.

If you are wondering what you can learn from a cricketer in order to be a successful entrepreneur, you will find the answer once you read to the bottom.

Adam Gilchrist slams a delivery to the fence at Centurion • Mar 07, 2003 © Reuters

When I was 8 years old, I watched a cricket match for the first time. It was Sri Lanka vs Australia, and it was a World Cup series. In that match, Australia won the toss and elected to bat first. Two batsmen in yellow jerseys approached the crease, and, surprisingly, they both batted with their left hand.

I was quite shocked because, even though I had watched the first cricket match and had played cricket with my friends, I didn’t see any of the people who played on the left hand. I asked my father if I wanted to play international cricket if we had to play with the left hand, but within a few minutes, the doubt was cleared because one batsman got out and another batsman got in, and he was playing with the right hand.

The match was getting heated. A man who came for first at the crease was still on the pitch and hitting the balls to the boundary. His shots were really stylish and amazing to see, so I started to notice his name in the score bar. The name was Gilchrist. From that day, I fell in love with Gilchrist and chose him as my role model.

If you are a cricket fan, I don’t have to tell you about Gilchrist, since he is a legend and you all have to know about him if you are a cricket fan, but if you are new to cricket, just type “Adam Gilchrist” into Google, because I can’t simply tell you about him in a single article.

In the same series, in another match vs Sri Lanka, Adam Gilchirst was getting viral because of one of his beautiful attitudes. At those moments, I felt very proud to follow him and be a fan of a gentleman. He not only got positive comments but also a lot of criticism for what he did on the ground. Are you curious to know what he actually did on the ground? Wait, I’ll link and video below.

I hope you get the point why I like Adam Gilchrist the most and try to follow him. Of course, only because of his attitude.

Many entrepreneurs believe strategies, planning, and innovative ideas are important to becoming a successful entrepreneur. Of course, I too believe in them, but attitude always comes first.

I believe it doesn’t matter whether you are a sportsman or an entrepreneur, you have to have the right attitude to sustain and succeed in your journey.